Beaching it – scanning on the horizon…

Terrigal Beach, NSW, Australia - January 2013

Terrigal Beach, NSW, Australia – January 2013

We don’t live near the beach. This is a source of pain for my wonderful husband but most of the time I am fine with it. I’ve never been a huge fan of lying on the beach all day, and my sensitive European skin has agreed with me!

But for the past two days the weather has been beautiful here in Sydney, and we have been in a rut at home. So, I rustled up the family and forced them out the door early (well, yesterday I tried but couldn’t get them out before 8.45am) and we have driven an hour away to this beautiful spot.

Yes, there was teenage whinging, and yes I got overheated (I don’t seem to handle heat as well as I used to – could be the daily Tamoxifen, could be the three weekly Herceptin?) but all in all we had a good time.

I got to chat to Greg’s girlfriend. Greg got to add about 5hrs to his driving log. My husband got to spend time in his “happy place”.

We have evil thoughts about doing this each Sunday morning through summer, but somehow I suspect “real life” will take over again and we’ll end up back in the rut.

So I’ll leave you for a few days with this photo that records the sea and sand. Since it has been a year since my breast cancer diagnosis I am off on Tuesday this week for a bone scan and CT scan to check that the cancer has not turned up anywhere. Thoughts about the “what if” have not been far from me over the past few days. Cross your fingers for me hey?



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