savouring each moment… even if it’s raining

Do you let life just “happen” to you? Do you savour each moment?

My family and I are away on holiday. We’re staying a week in an apartment overlooking a beach and we have all been looking forward to this first family holiday in over 3 years.

Well, we were the crazy people driving north towards our destination while everyone else on the road seemed to be heading south. In fact, there were long slow lines of traffic on the other side of the road. Why?

Well, it is the end of the Australian summer school holiday break this week, so many people are ending their break while we, with almost adult age children not worried about school terms, are just starting our break away. But really, there should have been more traffic travelling the direction we were heading, and there wasn’t…

You see, we were heading into a storm! Yes, our crazy family were driving north INTO the almost tropical cyclone conditions.

imageSometimes in life you need to face the storm in order to get to the sunshine on the other side. The storm may be rough. It’s important though, to savour the beauty that it holds. The rain, the sound of the wind, the crash of the waves. They all contain a beauty just as blue sky and white sand.

As I sit here listening to the sounds and seeing the sights of the storm raging outside our holiday apartment I have been thinking that the storm reflects so much of my emotional experience with breast cancer and its treatments over the past year. My experience will be almost over in a few weeks when I visit the chemo unit for my last Herceptin infusion and then schedule removal of the port-a-cath from my chest.

I am looking forward to the “blue sky days” that will follow.


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