another year…

A year older today and thankful for it. This is a pic of the great present that my hubby got me – that made me cry this morning…

Despite the many challenges over the past year and the residual health fall-out from this past year, it has been filled with some great experiences. This is the year I found the lost family I had been searching for (half sisters and their children). The year when I loved catching up with the family I already knew. The year when circumstances brought me back in closer touch with quite a few friends who we had seen far too little of in recent times.

This year brought us to two weddings, both for young people that we watched grow up from their first years. It was wonderful of them to include us in their special days. We loved being able to watch them starting their married life together. Brought us so many memories of when we were as young as they, and just starting out.

To my wonderful children, and their partners: You have stepped up so far this past year and have helped make a difficult time much more bearable. I have loved my shopping expeditions with my girls. I have loved watching my son mature and move from his school years into university. And I have loved meeting and getting to know your partners (this applies to my almost children Becca and Matt as well!).

This year brought not only personal challenges for us, but also financial ones (that continue). My wonderful husband has not only had to cope with supporting me emotionally through all the breast cancer crap, but has also had to hold down his demanding full-time job and worry about how to pay all the bills, including the extra medical ones rolling in. His love has been unwavering. His levels of confidence in being able to keep us all afloat have been hit though. But, through all of this he has been my ROCK.

I have had many wonderful birthday messages and each one is appreciated, just as if everyone were here in our house sharing the day with us.

❤ Jenn


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