the never ending…

“active” treatment after my early stage breast cancer experience is over. I’m trying to get on with life. Back into my work (I’m a cancer clinical trial coordinator), my study (working my way slowly through a science degree) and the rest of my life.

THEORETICALLY all I am doing now is taking a Tamoxifen tablet everyday for the next 5 years, or 10 years if you follow the latest research.

But, throwing theory aside is what I want to do today…

The REALITY is that I am not only taking the Tamoxifen, with its accompanying side effects that I’ll tell you about another time, but I’m doing so much more. Today I…

1. Took a vitamin D tablet – may help strengthen bones and prevent metastatic disease.

2. Took a curcumin tablet – may help prevent metastatic disease.

3. Ate some walnuts because, you guessed it – may help prevent metastatic disease.

4. Included brocolli with our veges at dinner – may help prevent metastic disease.

5. Drank 2 cups of coffee – because recent research showed that women who drank 2 cups per day are less likely to develop metastatic breast cancer.

This is why todays post is called “never ending”. This experience is still dominating my life, and the choices I make everyday. This experience certainly appears never ending.

And, spare a thought for the women out there that already have metastatic breast cancer, or who go on to develop it. For them the experience is truly NEVER ENDING.

This past week, one of our Australian “sisters”, Angela, died of breast cancer.

I did not know her in person, and only knew her online (do visit the community boards if you have breast cancer, or are supporting someone with breast cancer) very briefly. During that brief time she made an impact on many of us.

I hope that I do not join the number of women with metastatic, grade 4, breast cancer but the reality is that I can’t be anything but aware that it could easily be me, even with all this brocolli! After all, life itself is not never ending for any of us…

In the meantime, I will continue to throw brocolli in every meal, and eat walnuts everyday. And I will continue to admire those amazing women, like Angela, shining a light before many. Showing other women how to move through the experience of metastatic breast cancer with grace and bravery in the face of disaster.

❤ Jenn


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