I’m Jenn. Born in the USA, raised in New Zealand and now a citizen of Australia.

My life, like many, has contained challenges. In fact, sometimes it feels like there’s been nothing but challenges. But, don’t worry too much, as there have been great and wonderful times along the way as well.

This blog is started a year “late”. I’ve started it just over a year past my diagnosis with early stage breast cancer. I’ve thought along the way about starting a Blog, however the energy levels were low during my experiences of this past year and my news and updates were shared via Twitter and Facebook along the way. Some days 140 Twitter characters even seemed like too much…

So, how to deal with this “coming to the party late” situation?

Well, I’m going to start this Blog by going back through my posts in other places and move them over here, with reflections from now interspersed. Hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC)

    Hi Jenn, just discovered your blog. I too came late to the party with my own blog – even later than you..but I found that I needed a place to process what had happened to me with the experience of breast cancer and how I could move on with my life. Marie

  2. russliz

    Hi Jenn. Just found you (having also come late to the party – I started mine about the same stage that you did). Lovely to meet another blogger from Australia!! Where are you? Saying hi from Darwin and looking forward to more reading!

    1. jennt28 Post author

      Hi Liz! I am in Sydney… If you are in Darwin does that mean you travelled to Adelaide? I know Royal Darwin has limited resources. Will pop over and visit your blog! Jenn


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